The Fritz Wine Estate is not only a place, but also the past, present, and future of the Fritz family. We own vineyards on thirty hectares, where we mainly grow local varieties of the region. A wine cellar, where wines produced with due care rest in oak barrels for long years. An undergorund wine sanctuary, where wine tasting is an unforgettable experience. A restaurant, where the taste of every dish is natural and where we rely on Hungarian and Swabian cuisine. A boarding house, where every single room is unique and heartwarming. A place, where we always like to arrive and where it is always a pleasure to return to.

The Fritz Wine Estate located in the slopes of the Aranydomb vineyard near Szekszárd, has only been one of the many farms in the Decs-Szőlőhegy, a few decades ago. At the beginning, my beloved Father, József Fritz revitalized the centuries old wine making traditions of our Swabian ancestors in an area of only two hectares. According to the family records, our ancestors from Baden-Württemberg produced wines since 1635, and even if the dark times of history almost put and end to the family traditions, they still continued to exist as a resurgence stream.

Listening to his heart and intuitions, my Father returned to the vines and wooden barrels hiding in a cool cellar. This was not by chance; he always remembered the giant cellar of his parents’ former estate in Kakasd, which could even hide a horse carriage. These ancient Swabian family traditions gave me incentive power: my devoted work has become fruitful – the small farm has been expanded to a real winery during the years.

At the same time, we grow grapes in an area of 30 hectares, and during the wine production we put great emphasis on the local varieties, that are kékfrankos and kadarka. The Szekszárd Wine Region and the unique microclimate of the Aranydomb vineyard provides great opportunities to the production of our premium wines. We believe that with bearing the traditions in mind but by trying to meet the expectations of our modern world we are able to pass on the everyday rural experience to our customers.